Bull Dog Boxing


The Bull Dog Boxing Gym is a great example of a Gym who doesnt advertise as a typical  MMA gym, but they have fighters in Pro-MMA,Bare Knuckle and Amateur MMA Events. 

The old way of thinking, that you must be part of a full MMA gym to participate in these events, is no longer the case and BullDog Boxing is proving that.

Matthew Vona is the owner of Bulldog Boxing Gym we’re he states that they are more than just a gym… "we are a family". The family of fighters include such names as Austane Lane and Ramon Tavares.

Ramon Tavares is the #1 Fighter in the entire State of Florida. He fought more times then the other 196 Pro-fighters who fought in Florida. Tavares also never lost a fight in 2020, going undefeated with a record of 4-0.